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About Gameroud Welcome to, the ultimate destination for dedicated gamers worldwide. We are a one-stop solution committed to enhancing your gaming experience by offering an array of crucial services such as Gaming Chair Repair, Game Server Hosting, and Game Localization. At Gameroud, we acknowledge the importance of comfort for the intense gaming sessions, thus our Gaming Chair Repair service ensures your throne is always up to the standard. Our team of expert technicians is available to provide swift, reliable, and affordable repair solutions.

Struggling with a broken or uncomfortable gaming chair? Don’t let anything hamper your high score. Here at Gameroud, we offer efficient and professional Gaming Chair Repair service. Our team of specialist technicians are dedicated to restoring your gaming comfort and ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience. No matter the make or brand of your chair, our team guarantees optimum solutions, making the downtime as short as possible.

Press play on our secure, reliable, and advanced Game Server Hosting services. With high-speed bandwidth, ultimate uptime, and rock-solid stability, we facilitate a smooth gaming experience for you and your squad. Whether you’re an individual or a gaming company, our servers comprehensively support a variety of games, facilitating you with the freedom to command your games just the way you like them.

Get ready to transcend boundaries with our Game Localization services. We make your games globally accessible and relatable by efficiently localizing them into multiple languages. Our team of native linguists ensures that your game’s content adapts seamlessly into the target culture and resonates with the players, no matter where they are. We offer accurate translations, in-sync dubbing, apt cultural references, and more, thus unlocking a global audience for your game. With Gameroud, elevate your gaming experience and step into a spectacular world where every battle is worth winning, every dialogue is worth hearing, and every gaming chair is worth sitting on. Join us and game out loud with Gameroud!


I am so satisfied with the gaming chair repair service offered by this company. They showed up right on time and did a great job repairing my chair. It feels just like new! I highly recommend their services to all gamer friends. Great job, guys!

Jason Miller

I’ve been a dedicated customer of their game server hosting service for over a year now. The uptime is fantastic, and whenever I’ve needed support, they’ve been responsive and helpful. They’re definitely the best in the business, and I can’t recommend them enough! 

Tom Anderson

The game localization service this company offers is top-tier. They helped us reach a whole new audience with localized versions of our game. Their translators are skilled and the quality check was thorough. We couldn’t have done it without their help. Great job, team!

Sarah Chen